Martial Arts Classes


Jui Jitsu

We train Goshin Jujitsu, a modern self-defense style that is more well rounded. This is not a competition sport. Goshin Jujutsu is a military art that is used by the US Treasury Department, New York Police Department that incorporates techniques from boxing, grappling, Aikido, Krav Maga, Judo.

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Private Lessons

One on one Jui-jitsu training with an instructor is by far the fastest method to learning self-defense. It allows you to be in the environment with an instructor focusing solely on your needs. Mistakes are corrected quickly.

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Group Classes

Goshin Jujitsu offers self-defense classes, at corporations, community centers, birthdays and churches, for students of all experience levels. Get group rates and save.

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Ready To Join

Our self-defense classes are great for both youth and adults. We train Jui-Jitsu, Judo, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Why Choose Goshin JuJitsu

Our programs promote a wide array of skills. We train our students anti-bullying techniques that allow them to have confidence to stand up to bullies. We teach life-learning skills such as accountability, Leadership, Respect, and Problem Solving Skills. These skills transfer to everyday life.

1 Free Martial Arts Class - JiuJitsu