7 Jiu Jitsu Drills You Should Practice Daily

Jiu Jitsu, also known as Ju Jitsu, Ju Jutsu, and Jujitsu is an ancient martial art used by the Samurai warriors of Japan. The art itself consists of punches, kicks, throws, ground-grappling, and sometimes, weapons. Jiu-Jitsu is based on using leverage, so extreme strength is not needed. Learn more about Jui Jitsu, as well as daily Jiu Jitsu moves everyone should practice.

Jiu Jitsu is a less-aggressive form of self-defense that uses the opponent’s body weight and force against them. By using quick-thinking and swift movements, Jiu-Jitsu can help you get out of an attacker’s moves.

The first important move to practice daily is called the hip escape. With this move, you start while sitting on the floor, with your knees drawn up. Then as you lay back, you keep one leg pulled in, and flatten the other leg. In a swift motion you lay back, and while doing so, you then sweep your torso to the side and keep the leg that is extended out.

The next move is called the hip switch. While you are lying back, bring one leg over the other. Then bend the bottom leg and swing it out towards the top leg. Bring that leg over the now bottom leg. Use your foot that is on top to work as leverage to pull your bottom leg through and to switch sides.

The third drill is the bridge/hip escape combo. To begin the bridge, lay flat on your back with your knees drawn up. Push with your feet and slightly roll onto one shoulder so that your hips are off the ground. Then in a swift motion, come off your shoulder and bring your legs in together in a semi-fetal position.

The fourth drill is the bridge/mount escape combo. This move begins the same way as the bridge/hip escape combo. After rolling back onto one shoulder, you then bring the opposite leg over the other leg and roll over to bring you onto your knees.

The fifth drill is the forward and back rolls. You start on your knees with your knees turned out as far as they will go. You put one arm down on the mat or floor, and then bring the other arm underneath that same leg, and roll, all in a swift motion.

The sixth drill is called side rolls. Your legs are out, but slightly bent. In a swift motion, you wrap your hands under your thighs, tuck your head, and roll onto your shoulder until you are back in a sitting position. Then you can do the other side.

The last drill is the technical stand up. Bring one leg into the body, and the other slightly bent. Put the opposite hand from the bent leg behind you. Push into your hand and your bent leg. Sweep the bent leg behind your hand and press into your hand at the same time to stand up. Then slide your other foot in.

Using these Jiu-Jitsu drills daily will improve your techniques, as well as your balance and performance for competing. Do several sets of each move to get the maximum benefits.