Corporate and Group JuJitsu

Goshin School of Self Defense offers self-defense classes, at corporations, community centers, birthdays and churches, for students of all experience levels.

Jujitsu is a well-rounded system of self-defense techniques. Not only do you learn how to protect yourself. Training Jujitsu relieves stress and improves concentration, relaxation, and productivity. Give your employees or residents a valuable benefit and the convenience of special classes just for them!

To schedule a jujitsu class at your facility, you will need an open space, such as a conference room or empty office, and a group willing to commit to a minimum four-week course. (Suggested space is 35 sq. ft. per person.) If you prefer to schedule your sessions at our location, we would be happy to host your group here.

We offer a variety of fee structures to accommodate companies and communities of all sizes. There is a four-week session minimum, in order to ensure the best class attendance and results. Please see below for our rates.

Corporate and Group JuJitsu Rates:

1-10 students

  • 1 class/week            $125
  • 2 classes/week         $100/class

11-20 students

  • 1 class/week            $150
  • 2 classes/week         $125/class

21-30 students

  • 1 class/week            $200
  • 2 classes/week         $175/class